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Sunday, December 8, 2013 | 10:34 PM | 0 love(s)
assalamualaikum & selamat sejahtera

Haaaaaah ? What I've done ? What I've done ? Yeaaah, I'm already visiting all the seonnies' blogs. Ok no. Bukan semua. Sesetengah ja. Because ? Laziness is my main reason. Ahahah. Tiba-II termalaskan diri. That's why sestengah ja blog yang lawat. As expected ;


I'm proudly say that I've already remember all the EXO members' names. Semakin maju you know. Dulu tak ingat langsung nama depa. Muka pon tak berapa nak kenal sangat. Can't you see my love to them is growing from days to days ? Ahahaha no. Haaaaa, and and and, at first I thought Kyungsoo and DO is a different person. Pastu kat twitter, ada hashtag #GetWellKyungsoo but they use DO's picture. Then, I asked my sister 'Sebab apa depa guna gambar DO tapi hashtag Kyungsoo ?' + muka innocent sikit. And you know what my lil sis laughed at me and said 'KYUNGSOO AND DO IS THE SAME PERSON LAH ALONG'. And I was like 'Oh okay. Sudah berapa lama ku hidup dalam kegelapan ni ?'. Speechless. Ahahah. Actually kenal EXO lama dah, since History era lagi, tapi macam malas nak tau nama depa semua. Sebab apa ? Sebab malas. Ramai sangat kot. Ahahah. Ok stop.

Haaaaaa, lagi satu blog Seonnies comey-II belako. Jealous tahu. Tengok header depa, 'Okay I want my header like that. I'll do it.' And semua tu telah terkubur dalam sekelip mata disebabkan tahap kemalasan yang agak kronik. Ok lah. That's all for now.


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